Most of us dads long for adventure. We love to explore and discover. It’s a good thing that the world is full of things to discover.

Think, when was the last time your were on an adventure? Do you have any adventures planned with your kids for the future? Nothing is more fun than taking the time to sit down with your kids and plan a bucket list of things to do together. We’ve listed a few ideas to get your started:

Fun Ideas That Cost Little Or Nothing

  • Go camping
  • Build a tree house
  • Go rock climbing
  • Cook out on the grill
  • Make a time capsule
  • Take surfing lessons
  • Hike to the top of a mountain
  • Go white water rafting
  • Help an elderly neighbor, widow, or widower

There are literally endless ideas you could add to your bucket list. Can you think of anything fun to add?